Introducing Club Pilates

As GM, participating in your instructors’ classes is important. I prefer running and lifting weights, but Pilates is good for helping tone and stretch my body after my workout. Pilates is good for cross-training if you are an athlete and/or generally into fitness. Today, I took Reformer Flow 1.0. with Kim. It’s a light- pressured full body workout. When I got the job in NYC, I knew I would be running a Pilates club. There are many ways to get and stay in shape. If you’re looking for a light-weight exercise to tone your body, correct your posture and stretch the body; here are a few benefits to taking Reformer Pilates. – Improve overall body strength – Improve range of motion and flexibility – Improve posture and body awareness – Relief from pain associated with physical imbalances – Toned, lengthened, sculpted, and lean muscles Join now!
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