Copycats and Haters; Aubrey Jackson Part I

If you’ve read my blog post “Success Without Haters ISN’T Success” then you know how having haters is a blessing, but what do you do if they copy your career? Those types of people are called copy cats and I have one. We set our goals in life based on our skills and talents so we can display our creativity to the world. As you all know, I am a retired CEO, Model and Actress. I have been for nearly twelve years. I’m a blogger and I’ve won several awards for my success and I am very proud of my accomplishments. The greatest part about my success is I did it on my own. My money. My time. My sacrifices. My hard work.

Having a copy cat can be difficult to deal with. You never want people to try to copy your career, your style, your uniqueness, or your creativity. It’s yours. It’s what makes you who you are. My copy cat has copied my entire career, down to the her hair cut and even, calling herself CEO. It disturbing and crazy on her part. Many professionals I’ve worked with have confirmed she may have borderline personality disorder or she is just confused on who she is. She even calls herself a model after having surgery. I’ve tried reaching out to her to ask her to stop, but she hasn’t. I’ve even discussed a case against her with my lawyer who has been documenting her every move for evidence.

Before and After Surgery Photos

Her name is Aubrey Jackson and she is a news reporter in Tampa, FL. The odd thing is we grew up together, so this is a personal thing. As you all know, I grew up without my mom. It was difficult to deal with. However, I overcame and is now very successful. Aubrey’s mom, Gwen Jackson is the reason I grew up without my mom. She betrayed my mom by telling the courts that my mom was a bad mother when my parents were going though a divorce. This caused her to lose custody of my brother and me. A few weeks later, she tried to sleep with my dad. After my dad rejected her, she decided to do negative things to try to hurt my chances of becoming successful. Here’s how:

Telling people in the community not to work with me.

Telling me to my face I’ll never amount to anything because I don’t have my mother.

Telling me I’ll never become a successful model and actress because I’m from Pelzer, SC .

Same haircut as mine. ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Here are the untold truths about Aubrey Jackson:

She made a Youtube video about purchasing her first home at 25. She didn’t. Her mom purchased it, put in her name, them paid her mortgage. She did the same thing for the car she has.

She tells everyone she is a model after having surgery. She even tried to become a model through the same agency I modeled for in Greenville, SC. The owner and I discussed it this and she has confirmed, Aubrey Jackson is not a model, influencer, or ambassador.

She didn’t lose weight naturally, she had surgery, but blogs about how to lose weight naturally.

When I moved to New York, she begin tagging her Instagram photos to modeling agencies in New York. She even tried to submit her photos to my agency who denied her. Why tag NYC agencies when you live in Tampa, Florida?

She says she is the “CEO” of a blog and a confidence coach.

Now she is reaching out to talent agencies to become an actress. Some of those agencies, I work for. Check out her TikTok to confirm: @aubreyonair

Aubrey Jackson:

Instagram: @aubreyonair

Facebook: Aubrey Jackson

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