Copycats and Haters; Aubrey Jackson Part II

This Aubrey Jackson and Gwen Jackson. This is them before surgery.

Here is how Aubrey Jackson continues to copy me:

I posted a picture on my Instagram with the caption ”Queen.” A few months later, she posted the same type of picture, with the same pose, with the same caption. Notice her short haircut.

I was featured in a New York Magazine as a professional model. Aubrey asked a local magazine to feature her in a magazine soon after.

I was nominated for Forbes 30 under 30 two years in a row. Aubrey asked her mom’s friend, who is part of the board at Clafin University to be considered for the 40 Under 40 award.

Her mom is close friends with the lady who nominated her.

I’ve been a model and actress for almost twelve years. My agency was Millie Lewis of Greenville. Guess who tried to become a model there? Aubrey Jackson. One of my mentors is the owner.

Years ago, I wanted to do the Miss USA pageant. Gwen, Aubrey’s mother, was one of the family members I asked to support me. Including, financially. She told me no, then told me ”it wasn’t for girls like me. Something like that was above me.” Guess who attempted to do the Miss USA pageant? You guessed it. Aubrey Jackson. She didn’t make it past the first round.

Check out the video she made about her experience below. By the way, she paid to be part of the program. She’s never done pageants before.

Recently, Aubrey made her debut as an “actress” on her TikTok @aubreyonair. She’s not an actress. Crazy right?

Check out where she tagged NY modeling and talent agencies in NY. She lives in Florida.

Check out her “behind the scenes” video vs the one I shot of my career months prior below.



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