Copycats and Haters: Aubrey Jackson Part III

In 2011, I signed with an agency in Japan while serving in the Marine Corps. I did a photoshoot in Japan. Aubrey Jackson decided to do a photoshoot while in Bali, even though she isn’t a model. So if she claims she did a “shoot” overseas, she is lying. She is not a model.

Everyone who Aubrey claims she is an ambassador for has confirmed she ISN’T an ambassador for them and is not a model for them. Below is confirmation from the owner of Greenville Fashion Week confirming she wasn’t an influencer for the event.

Aubrey Jackson isn’t with an agency. It’s her mom who is making the calls. Her mom isn’t an agent.

After working with Candice, a PR in Charlotte, Aubrey, somehow, found out who I was working with and reached out to her to help her in Florida.