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One of my goals this year was to invest in a company. I made the decision to invest in Juice Plus +. Now, I’m a franchise partner and brand ambassador for this company. Follow my journey!

Paid Ad: I just love my Short Premium Bamboo Pajamas. All of our products are made with our Premium Bamboo Weave technology. All of our products are:
* Certified free of harsh chemicals and dyes
* Temperature Regulating
* Wicks moisture
* Enhanced weave quality that won’t pill
* Antibacterial & Antimicrobial
* Super soft
* All products are covered under our 10 year warranty
* Thousands of 5 star reviews
One of our company highlights is that our Bamboo PJ set were chosen 2 years in a row as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things. If Oprah loves them, we are sure that you will too!
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Paid Ad: I wash my hands a lot. As a future doctor, hand care is extremely important. Thanks Gloves In A Bottle.
Why Gloves In A Bottle?
– Protects from sanitizers, soaps, and cleaning products.
– Relief from psoriasis, eczema, and other skin conditions.
– Revitalize dry and cracked skin.
– Prevents skin allergies and irritations.
– Effective on feet – diabetic friendly.
– Does not wash off – naturally exfoliates with sloughed off skin cells.
Try it now: ⤵️
@glovesinabottleusa #glovesinabottle #shieldinglotion

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